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ratatat – lex

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‘Nuff said.


you let out one of your bored sighs…

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This is simply the best version of the most underrated of Bruce’s songs: I’m Goin’ Down.  The video is awful at best, but wow what a version.

Just turn it up loud!

“i only want to braid your hair, i swear”

Posted in News with tags , , on June 13, 2008 by AccountKiller

Someway, somehow, R. Kelly was acquitted of all child pornography charges brought against him. How a jury could possibly come to this conclusion is beyond me. If R.Kelly can survive taped evidence doe to a mole-on-the-back defense, he must feel invincible. Don’t be surprised to see a bunch of girls in his next music video that appear to have just graduated 8th grade, his lawyers must be that good.

The silver lining in all of this is that it keeps open the possibility of even more chapters of Twan and “Trapped in the Closet.”  Yes!