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like totally awesome

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So the 2008 MLB All-Star game went 15 innings and lasted 4 hours and 50 minutes. The AL won on a sacrifice fly by Michael Young. Big deal, who cares.

The real story is whoever was in charge of cranking out the at-bat music at Yankee Stadium that night. Now I have no idea if this is his regular AB music or not (any Brewer fans out there, can you confirm or deny?), but Corey Hart strolled to the plate at the All-Star game to the epic 80s tune “Sunglasses at Night.” Classic!!! Corey Hart the 80s pop “legend” singing as Corey Hart the Allstar OF prepares to hit.

That was an absolute home run by the PA guy/gal at Yankee Stadium. That was the real unforgettable moment over the All Star Weekend.


say what chase?

Posted in baseball, random, Sports with tags , , , , on July 15, 2008 by AccountKiller

Those Mets fans at the HR Derby last night at Yankee Stadium sure let Chase Utley know what they think of him and the other Phillies.

Well played Chase, well played indeed.