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shaq rap attack

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Couldn’t he just stick to singing to the Cheers theme song? Ah well, “Kobe tell me how my (bleep) taste!” Hysterical.

you can’t handle The Truth!

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Celtics hand the Lakers and absolute beatdown. Paul Pierce gets a well deserved MVP, scoring at will and doing a great job defending Kobe.

Credit must be given for 3 superstars to come together and play without ego’s from the beginning. Paul Pierce endured some terrible Boston teams, but you really have to be happy for KG. Garnett was questioned about being a big-time player all throughout his career in Minnesota. His postgame press conference was one for the ages. And finally, congrats to Jesus Shuttlesworth, who struggled early on in the postseason, but was probably the biggest offensive weapon for the C’s in the Finals.

Kobe… sorry, but the MJ talk is on hold. Boston, celebrate!!

the fix is in

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So was anyone talking about Game 3 of the Celtics vs Lakers today?  Nope, not with Tim Donaghy doing his best McNamee/Canseco impression.  I don’t think anyone is all that shocked that NBA games may have been rigged, now it just comes down to if the NBA was stupid enough to actually have a paper trail and memos that could possibly corroborate Donaghy’s allegations.  

I remember the last couple of games in the ’02 Western Conference finals quite well, especially Game 6 where it seemed like every one of the Lakers last 20 or so points came at the free throw line.  Joey Crawford worked that game, the same ref who ejected Tim Duncan from a playoff game last year while he was on the bench.  Joey Crawford was also one of the refs in the controversial Game 4 between the Lakers and Spurs just a couple weeks ago.  

Hmm.  What NBA Finals would be the dream match-up for the league in 2007-2008?  Lakers vs Celtics of course, and it looks like Crawford could’ve been sent in to get the NBA what they want yet again, as he failed to call on obvious foul on Derek Fisher who fell on top of a shooting Brent Barry.

I love a good conspiracy theory.  But all this reminiscing about the 2002 series between the Lakers and Kings brings back memories of vintage Shaq.  No not Shaq the basketball player, but Shaq the singing comedian.  Not sure why he ever wasted time rapping… singing parodies to cell phone ring tones was clearly his calling!