springsteen tribute to tim russert

Meet The Press will never be the same without Mr. Russert. He was so well liked because he was an everyday man, a kind man. He was not on TV because he was a pretty face like so many other newscasters, he was on there because he was better at doing what he did than anyone else.

I never knew that Russert and The Boss were as close as they were. However, his music was played at the wake, he gave his time to play during his memorial service, and even dedicated “Thunder Road” to Tim Russert while playing at a recent concert in Europe. According to Tim himself, his dream “get” for an interview would be Springsteen:

“I’m very intrigued by him,” Russert said. “He has a real understanding of the political dialogue, of faith and life in urban America.”

Russert already has a connection to “the Boss.” “I booked concerts for John Carroll [University] in Cleveland,” Russert recalled. “We paid $2,500 to book him on a Tuesday night in February 1974.”

Aside from the indelible mental snapshot of seeing a brilliant performer 18 months before he made it big, Russert cherishes the memory for a more practical reason: “I made enough money to pay for my second year of law school.”

He said he told Springsteen the story once when he ran into him at a New York City restaurant. Springsteen laughed and said, “That sounds like one of my songs.”…

I asked Russert if he had reached out to Springsteen to request an interview. He shook his head, as if he was unworthy of the meeting. It was reassuring to see that even Tim “No Surrender” Russert, the scourge of Washington, could act a little overwhelmed by someone.

It was not very long ago that Springsteen joked about Tim Russert’s haircut when he played on “Today” outside Rockefeller Plaza, as he listed what he loves about America: “cheeseburgers, the Jersey Shore, the Yankees battling Boston, trans fats, and Tim Russert’s haircut.”

A well down tribute, but also very sad. 


2 Responses to “springsteen tribute to tim russert”

  1. Caleb Dunham Says:

    Heartfelt warming and warnings. I met Springsteen in 1972 in Dallas,Tx. I’ve enjoyed Tim Russerts commentary almost as long. Both men know the gears. Both men spoke about truth, be it in lyric or interview.
    Sadness prevails, dashing of hope and morality encourages anger. The best world leaders should not be ensconced in monetary or other insane desires.
    Bruce wrote it best in “Johnny99”, ‘If you can kill a man for the thoughts that’r in his head’. Courts have guidelines written to diminish, not listen.
    When my days end on earth, I will seek you for truth, good man Tim, you were the template for honesty and American fairness.
    I am an American Marine …Caleb

  2. please count me in as well. I am also one his biggest fans, & also “meet the press” is my favourite. I cannot explain how it feels like he is not with us anymore. :(. i really miss him.

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