you know how i know you’re old?

When Brett Favre retired, America was subjected to endless coverage of Brett crying incessantly during his press conference.  When Trevor Linden retired… wait, when did he retire?  And who is Trevor Linden?  Canada, fill us in.

Trevor Linden, age 38, is an NHL player who played the majority of his career with the Vancouver Canucks.  I don’t know enough about the NHL to know if he’s HoF quality or not, but he should get in just based on his skills in NHL ’94, the greatest sports video game of all-time.  

In that game, Linden was a veteran player, yes he was a veteran even back then, and also one of the best in the entire game.  No one could touch Mogilny or Housley, but Linden was the best player in that game that did not have absurd speed.  The perfect combination of power and finesse, it also helped that he could share a line with Pavel Bure.

So while ESPN did not give Linden his due, I will.  Although let’s be honest… if Gretzky was retiring from the NHL now, I doubt anyone would notice.  Despite a very entertaining Stanley Cup Finals, the league is definitely on thin ice.

Linden… do that thing you do!


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